New Homepage!

I've decided to abandon this home page and the Drupal software that supports it. It could be my fault for not finding the best plug-ins, but I've found posting and upgrading Drupal's software to be quite cumbersome and time consuming. The WYSIWYG editor I use here doesn't work on Google Chrome nor Safari, so I can't post from my shiny new MacBook Air. My new homepage is: It uses WordPress which is much easier to use and much more intuitive. It doesn't look as nice yet, but I'm slowly working on that.

Cafe Seoul Podcast: Korean Cults

I was recently invited by the kind and friendly Cafe Seoul podcast crew to speak about my interest and experiences with cults. My segment starts at the 41:40 mark and continues through to the end. We spoke for an hour, but it felt like five minutes. Time flies when you're....

SBS's The Feed Examines the JMS Cult in Australia

Thank you to SBS's Joel Tozer and to the brave Sarah and Elizabeth for sharing their stories on national TV. Coincidentally, Mallory Miller's article about JMS in America - which I also had a hand in - was published the same day.

March 2015 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, March 1: March's fitness campaign began right on time with a decent workout possibly worthy of Arnold himself: back, lats, biceps, forearms, lower back, hamstrings, and calves. 

Tuesday, March 3: Chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and a little calves after my evening lesson.

Wednesday, March 4: Just a twenty-minute rather wimpish thigh workout.

Friday, March 6: Back cardioing for the first time in a while!

Saturday, March 7: A solid weights session in the late afternoon: back, lats, biceps, lower back, forearms, and calves.

Sunday, March 8: A cardio session that was slightly hindered by more yellow dust and pollutants:

Return to Wolmyeong Dong!

A throwback to 2006 when I returned to Wolmyeong Dong, the home of the JMS Cult. I just watched this for the first time in a while and made a few small edits for this almost-10-year anniversary edition:


Music Club Promo!

A last-minute desperate attempt to entice students to join my music club:

The Korea Blog Awards and Reflections on 2014

The year 2014, my busiest ever as an amateur cult watcher, ended at the first annual Korean Blog Awards with a fun-filled night of networking and beering with some friends old and new. If interested, you can read more about that night and my reflections on all the cultic events of 2014.


Time After Time & Waltzing Matilda: Two Duets for Guitar & Keytar!

There are some great instrumental versions of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" out there in YouTube land, but this is not one of them. A short version of "Waltzing Matilda", Australia's unofficial national anthem, follows as I was just about to head home for a wee vacation. I didn't practise the Keytar part at all, and it shows. In fact, I only discovered the "cool" scat sound seconds before I pressed "record" on my camera:

February 2015 Fitness Diary!

Monday, Feb. 2: Back, biceps, lower back, lats, calves, and inner forearms depsite feeling a cold coming on, or maybe that's just tiredness from my flight back and a return to work this morning.

Tuesday, Feb. 3: Chest, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, and traps straight after my eveing class. I'm so glad I joined this gym with its longer opening hours!

Wednesday, Feb. 4: Thighs! Just thighs (after my eveing class again). I love working out at night! That's the kind of thigh workout I should have been doing since I started this exercise campaign way back in 2008! That cold I felt coming on never eventuated, but I did feel worse on Tuesday.

Saturday, Feb. 7: Just a cardio session today, my first since returning to Korea on Sunday:

January 2015 Fitness Diary!

Friday, January 2: 2015 began well after 2014 ended rather lacklusterly if that's a word. My first 2015 workout was also my first back workout in my new gym: lats, traps, back, lower bacl, biceps, forearms, and a 21-minute cardio workout:

Saturday, January 3: My second workout of the year consisted of sides, abs, lower abs, hamstrings, calves, inner thighs (just a little bit), and a 24-minute cardio session:

Sunday, January 4: Chest, shoulders, triceps, thighs, and another cardio session - that's three in three days!

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