Film Music

Gene by Joe Hisaishi

My last (and greatest to date) music video filmed in my big luxurious Daegu apartment is Joe Hiasiahi's expertly crafted theme for an NHK documentary about genes called Gene:

The Curious Case of Peters' Buttons

"Benjamin and Daisy" from Alexandre Desplat's beautiful score for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:


Darth Vader Style!

John Williams' fantastic militaristic march for Darth Vader sounds really nice slowed down a bit on my keyboard, guitar, and Roland Ax-Synth:


A Theme from War Horse by John Williams

A very beautiful theme from John Williams' briliant War Horse score spoiled by a horrible horrible video. It seemed like a good idea at time:

My Battlestar Galactica Music Award!

A big thank you to Battlestar composer Bear McCreary for awarding my "Roslin and Adama for 3 Peters" video a very special "What the Frak" Award! It truely made my day, week, month, and year to read his colorful thoughts on my video^^. I was truly honored and touched to learn that  a composer whose music has given me some much pleasure took the time to comment on my amateur endeavor:

Here is the offending video, and it's not nearly as bad as I remember it... or is it?

The King's Speech for 3 Peters

My first Alexandre Desplat piece is the charming and beautifully crafted theme from The King's Speech. I liked it when I first heard it and playing only increased my enjoyment and appreciation of the piece. I did; however, take some liberties with the arrangement, simplifying it where necessary. You'll notice my right hand stops playing the piano at the 45 second mark until the main theme returns^^. The right hand part for those bars isn't difficult, but I just couldn't get my hands working together. I needed another week or two of practice, but I was eager to start working on my next pieces....

February 2012 Listening Diary!

February 1: I began February by listening to "Streets of Manhatten", the opening piece from Superman 3 by Ken Thorn, which incorporates snippets of John Williams' theme from the original film. But most of the piece is Ken Thorn's own music and it's a very fun upbeat piece complete with classical flourishes. A nice piece to start a day on. Next up was Spirited Away (the OST and Image Album) which I Iistened to while walking to and from work, noticing for the first time some very beautiful moments and nice variations particularly in the Image Album.

January 2012 Listening Diary!

January 1 – 11: The music of Alexandre Desplat started this year of 2012 off musically in the Australian city of Adelaide. A browse through a music store there resulted in my revisiting Desplat’s score for The King’s Speech (2010), which features a lovely piano theme, a piece I definitely will try playing sometime very soon. This is what I'm talking about:

Theme from To Kill A Mocking Bird by Elmer Bernstein (Children's Arrangement)

My last duet of the year, recorded December 31, was Elmer Bernstein's simplified arrangement for his theme from To Kill A Mocking Bird. It was very satisfying to be finally able to - after 18 months of playing piano - take a crack at a piece by one of my favorite composers, albeit a simplified arrangement:

December 2011 Listening Diary!

I began the month by listening to John Williams' 1999 score for the first Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace. Perhaps one of the most anticipated scores in movie history, which unlike the horrid film it was written for, fulfilled all expectations with several stunning new themes, numerous new motives, and references to much-loved themes written for the original trilogy. Here's Mr. Williams talking about his return to the Star Wars universe 18 years after his last visit: 


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